Seldinger Needle

A sterile seldinger needle is a medical device used in various minimally invasive procedures to access blood vessels, cavities, or other anatomical structures. It is designed to puncture the skin and underlying tissues to create a small entry point, through which other devices, such as guidewires or catheters, can be advanced into the desired location.

  1. Thin wall, large bore with polished inner surface
  2. High quality 304 Stainless Steel
  3. Sharp needle tip for lower penetration force
  4. Bevel up orientation

1- Manifolds with pre-installed extension lines and infusion, help saving time

2- Luer lock design for secure connection

Ref. NO. O. D. (mm/G) Length (mm)
SN03 1.20mm/18G 70mm with wings
SN03A 1.20mm/18G 70mm without wings
AS1001 0.80mm/21G 45mm without wings
Other Types According to Customer's Requeirment