Diagnostic Hydrophilic Guidewires

3cm flexible tip makes tip easy to deflect

Elastic and shape-resistance distal core and lubricious coating provide great accessibility, steerability

Supportive proximal shaft increases pushability

Hydrophilic and polymer coating demonstrates enduring lubricity and consistent surface coating adhesion.

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Catalog Number Outer Diameter Length Tip Shaft
19235-H 0.032" 150cm STRAIGHT REGULAR
19271-H 0.032" 150cm STRAIGHT STIFF
19260-H 0.032" 150cm "J" REGULAR
19272-H 0.032" 150cm "J" STIFF
19270-H 0.032" 150cm ANGLE REGULAR
19273-H 0.032" 150cm ANGLE STIFF
19274-H 0.032" 180cm STRAIGHT REGULAR
19275-H 0.032" 180cm STRAIGHT STIFF
19276-H 0.032" 180cm "J" REGULAR
19277-H 0.032" 180cm "J" STIFF
19278-H 0.032" 180cm ANGLE REGULAR
19279-H 0.032" 180cm ANGLE STIFF
19280-H 0.032" 260cm STRAIGHT REGULAR
19281-H 0.032" 260cm STRAIGHT STIFF
19282-H 0.032" 260cm "J" REGULAR
19283-H 0.032" 260cm "J" STIFF
19284-H 0.032" 260cm ANGLE REGULAR
19285-H 0.032" 260cm ANGLE STIFF
19290-H 0.035" 150cm STRAIGHT REGULAR
19291-H 0.035" 150cm STRAIGHT STIFF
19292-H 0.035" 150cm "J" REGULAR
19293-H 0.035" 150cm "J" STIFF
19294-H 0.035" 150cm ANGLE REGULAR
19295-H 0.035" 150cm ANGLE STIFF
19296-H 0.035" 180cm STRAIGHT REGULAR
19297-H 0.035" 180cm STRAIGHT STIFF
19298-H 0.035" 180cm "J" REGULAR
19299-H 0.035" 180cm "J" STIFF
19300-H 0.035" 180cm ANGLE REGULAR
19301-H 0.035" 180cm ANGLE STIFF
19302-H 0.035" 260cm STRAIGHT REGULAR
19303-H 0.035" 260cm STRAIGHT STIFF
19304-H 0.035" 260cm "J" REGULAR
19305-H 0.035" 260cm "J" STIFF
19306-H 0.035" 260cm ANGLE REGULAR
19307-H 0.035" 260cm ANGLE STIFF
19240-H 0.038" 150cm STRAIGHT REGULAR
19309-H 0.038" 150cm STRAIGHT STIFF
19265-H 0.038" 150cm "J" REGULAR
19220-H 0.038" 150cm "J" STIFF
19312-H 0.038" 150cm ANGLE REGULAR
19313-H 0.038" 150cm ANGLE STIFF
19314-H 0.038" 180cm STRAIGHT REGULAR
19315-H 0.038" 180cm STRAIGHT STIFF
19298-H 0.038" 180cm "J" REGULAR
19299-H 0.038" 180cm "J" STIFF
19300-H 0.038" 180cm ANGLE REGULAR
19301-H 0.038" 180cm ANGLE STIFF
19319-H 0.038" 260cm STRAIGHT REGULAR
19221-H 0.038" 260cm STRAIGHT STIFF
19318-H 0.038" 260cm "J" REGULAR
19222-H 0.038" 260cm "J" STIFF
19223-H 0.038" 260cm ANGLE REGULAR
19224-H 0.038" 260cm ANGLE STIFF